Who is cbp ?

Prof. Dr. Ir. Clem Hiel

Dr. Hiel is from Waasland and did engineering studies in Antwerp, Brussels (VUB), and Virginia Tech (USA). He emigrated to the United States and worked for 15 years at NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) where he headed the engineering firm. He later founded CSSI (Composite Support & Solutions Inc.) with a specialization in high technology and applications of materials. He is a part-time professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he teaches courses on "New Materials" and "Technology" of the aerospace and aerospace industry. He recently received the "Institut Royal Des Elites du Travail de Belgique" medal from King Albert II in recognition of his innovations.

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  • 2008 Charles Pankow Award
  • The 2008 OPAL Awards

Mr. Marc Hiel

Is manager of "Bakkerij Marc". Marc wanted to keep his own bakery clean by eliminating the spraying of oils and in this way offering his customers a superior baked product. Because of this, he has been the driving force that has led to the development of plastic baking tins and the creation of CBP. Marc has twenty years of experience in baking processes and related technology.

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Prof. Dr. P.M. (Mac) Puckett

Dr. Puckett has more than 20 years of experience in the discovery of new materials and their development and marketing. This mainly concerns new plastics and processes for the manufacture of composite parts with these materials. He has experience as a scientist and as a manager in materials development and has had the opportunity to travel around the world and discuss the unique role and value of plastics as well as the unique role of these materials in better and healthier products for our modern world. .

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Marc and Berlinda Hiel are opening a Bakery-Pastry Shop in Zwijndrecht (Belgium) Already during that period, Marc was doing research to improve the maintenance and cleaning of the baking molds in order to obtain a healthier end product.

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