As a passionate baking enthusiast, you are fascinated by the baking- and decoration microbe. You like to put a homemade cake on the table where you can be "nicely" creative. Due to the special properties of the CBP Biscuit baking pan, the heat is evenly distributed, making the biscuit high and airy.

Product Information

Biscuit baking tin

We all do it sometimes: in front of the window of a pastry chef with a lot of enthusiasm, view and re-view the biscuits that are displayed. Each of the biscuits looks so delicious that making a choice is not so obvious.

Hobby cook makes his own biscuit

Biscuits can easily be made by the hobby cook himself, provided that a modified baking form is used. The CBP biscuit baking mold is a professional bakery product, which has many unique properties i.v.m. other baking tins.

Bakeware how & what?

A slight misting with lubricant (oil) is required for the first use of each baking pan. It is absolutely not necessary to "flower." It is easy to bake a biscuit 5-6 times without lubricant.

CBP biscuit bakeware

Given the special properties of the CBP biscuit baking mold, there is a homogeneous heat transfer, which ensures that we obtain a very airy biscuit with a larger biscuit volume. Since the biscuit molds release their heat to the core, the CBP baking molds for biscuits can be immediately reused and this time and time again. Are you looking for a real baking pan, suitable for professional bakers and experienced hobby chefs, then you can order the CBP products online in the webshop and start flexible baking!