Family or friends visiting or just for yourself a nice piece of cake always tastes. Give your cake an extra touch with fruit or other toppings. It's just a piece of cake!

Product Information

Cake baking tin

Everyone knows the English tradition of drinking tea with a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon. Of course people also eat cake with us, but first the cakes need to be baked ...

Baking a cake?

Apple cake, cherry cake, a cake in chocolate, ... delicious as a dessert with coffee. But if Jan or Piet wants to make a delicious cake, how does he start?

Recipes & baking tins?

Recipes for delicious cakes can be found everywhere, both on the internet and in various specialized books and / or magazines. Finding a ready-made cake recipe should succeed. However, good cake baking tins are less easy to find. But if Jan or Piet wants to make a delicious cake, how does he start?

CBP? The cake baking mold!

You can bake easily with a cake baking pan from CBP!
When using the CBP cake baking mold for the first time, the molds are slightly sprayed with a lubricant. You can then bake without lubricant. In this way one makes a cake while maintaining the exceptional taste characteristics. If the baking tins are washed, the washers must be lightly sprayed again with lubricant after washing.

"The CBP cake baking tin can also be used in the dishwasher without any problems."