Pie and Flan

Baking tasty pies and no hassle afterwards with dirty remains? The CBP innovative baking tin is it!

Product Information

Pie baking tin

Both in Belgian Limburg and in Dutch Limburg they have known it for centuries: nothing beats a delicious fresh pie. Who doesn't like a delicious pie on Sunday afternoon with coffee, or just as dessert during the weekdays?

CBP cake tins?

If you want to make your own pies, there is only the right advice: buy the CBP pans. Our professional cake tins are dimensionally stable and undeformable. The flan baking tins have no difference in height, so the dough can be rolled out perfectly.

Golden tip from an expert pie maker!

The baking tins can be pre-coated with dough and then frozen. Baking can then be done later at the appropriate time, so that one always obtains a fresh pie.

Benefits of CBP bread bakeware

Due to the nature of the material of the pie baking mold, no dirty residues or oxidation traces are left behind.
The flan baking tins can be washed in the dishwasher without any problems.